Wednesday, August 27, 2014

St. Petersburg, Russia

The Tsar's Throne

Cathrine the Great's Summer Palace


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

St. Petersburg, Russia!

We are in St. Petersburg, Russia today.  Last night our ship, The Island of the Sea, sailed us to Russia! It was smooth sailing and today we woke up and are ready for our Russian experience.  I have to say that Russia was like I pictured it and very different.  I pictured it to be grey and big, and plain and it was, but it was also full of beautiful buildings, and water everywhere.  I enjoyed our 2 days in Russia.
The tallest builidng in St. Petersburg.  Look how small the people look. 
We were on a bus tour and so many of my pictures are from the bus.  This was an interesting building and I don't even know what it is for.
Big Government building
The Hermitage- this was a Winter Palace of the Tsars and now it is a museum full of artowrk and other artifacts.  It was amazing.

Standing on a wood floor in the Palace!  

Pure Russian.... This is a church.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Baltic Sea Trip

We have had a trip planned to Scandinavia for months and months. Finally we made the trip and now we are home! Isn't that how things go, you look forward to something so long and then it comes, and goes, and you realize it went by so fast!  I had a friend tell me, they plan their next trip on the way home from their last trip so they will always have something to look forward to. Good idea!
The big question we got when we told people we were going to Scandinavia was: Why there?  The reason is because that is where David's family comes from as well as mine.  So, we felt it was a great opportunity to see where our ancestors came from. 
The trip was beautiful, wonderful, awesome, inspiring, and majestic. We loved it and are so thankful we could go.  I am going to post some photos without much writing because that takes too long! Enjoy.

Early morning breakfast and off to Finland! 

Finland apartments that are very expensive

Sites around Helsinki.. it was a pretty city.

Picture of the Last Supper at a small church in Finland.  

Finish Shoes
Olympic Stadium in Helsinki. 

Great day in Finland.  Our next stop in St. Petersburg, Russia.... I can't believe I am going to Russia!
More to come.....

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Here are some pictures we took at Bryan and Celeste's graduation from Utah State University.  But first I am showing you some of our flowers in St. George.  They were very pretty this year.  I also found a bird nest in our yard.  It is so small and cute!

Celeste's graduation day.  She got her Master's Degree.

We went to dinner at The Bluebird in Logan as a tribute to my Mom and Dad.  They went to Utah State and loved to go to the Bluebird for fancy dates and to buy candy.  They have kept the decor the same all these years.  It was like going back in time!  The food was good.

Bryan's Graduation.  He is sitting on the end!

Bryan's Class of 2014!   YEAH  he made it!!!!!
After graduation pictures.  We were trying to capture a retro picture of when I graduated from college, Bryan held my hand, and now I hold his hand. However, I couldn't find the picture of me! So this is all we get.
Jeff and Bryan.. Jeff is closing his eyes, but since this is the only picture I took, here it is!  It was good to have both boys there because they are fun brothers. They have a tradition of trading hats at graduations!
The happy graduation couple!

Good Job Bryan and Celeste!